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Each MantelCrete® mantel is a work of art designed to enhance your decor.


Shown in Dark Brown
This mantel was cast from an antique, hand-hewn beam, salvaged from an 18th century dairy barn in Southern Indiana.

Barnwood in dark brown


Shown in Light Gray
Cast from the heartwood of old-growth timber, this mantel beam has a smooth clean finish that looks appropriate in a variety of settings.

Woodgrain in light grey


Shown in Light Brown
The live edge of this casting reproduces the natural beauty of the tree itself. Depending on the length, this mantel even includes a knot or two.

Live Cedar in light Brown


Shown in Dark Gray
Imagine the rough-cut timber of an antique mountain sawmill, and this profile comes into focus, as the subtle marks of the same blade define this well-worn beam.

Sawcut dark grey


Shown in Light Gray
The Rock Face mantel was created to give the authentic stone look, with a much simpler installation. Currently available in one finish.

Rockface in grey


Shown in White Polished Satin
Embodying sleek minimalism, our Modern Mantel is a coherent blend of refined concrete, clean lines, and a seamless finish.

Modern off white polished


Shown in Black
Inspired by the art of Shou Sugi Ban, our Charred Cedar mantel brings forth the enigmatic beauty of this ancient Japanese technique.

Charred Cedar in Black

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Custom lengths available.

48” Wide x 6” Height x 8” Depth

48” Wide x 6” Height x 8” Depth

60” Wide x 6” Height x 8” Depth

60” Wide x 6” Height x 8” Depth

72” Wide x 6” Height x 8” Depth

72” Wide x 6” Height x 8” Depth